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"The high quality and enthusiastic style of your presentations are reflected in the overall impression as well as in the excellent ratings and comments on your evaluation forms. Comments on How to Defuse Anger - an Escalating Challenge included: 'Fantastic! Every pharmacist needs to hear this' and 'Good dynamic speaker who gets involved with the audience'."

Peggy Prophet, Director Continuing Education,
Florida Pharmacy Association

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Why Vivian?
  What Do You Say When...?
Knowing what to say (or not to say) can prevent, defuse and resolve challenges faced by pharmacists: emotionally-charged situations, unreasonable requests, mistakes and language differences.

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How to Defuse Anger - an Escalating Challenge
More angry patients are being encountered in the pharmacy. Some arrive angry. Others escalate into anger while at the pharmacy (some justifiably, some not). Knowing how to prevent and defuse anger, theirs and yours, will save you time and energy, reduce stress and enhance professionalism.

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Communicate for Results!
Effective communication requires skills that help get the desired outcome without making the other person wrong. It includes standing up for yourself and setting limits in ways that enhance chances of getting results without jeopardizing your position or the relationship. These skills will increase your effectiveness and satisfaction both in your personal life and the workplace.

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Maximize Your Message - no matter what the medium
Voice and email messages, written reports, verbal presentations, discussions at meetings or in day-to-day activities - whatever the medium, you need effective ways to get your message across. Whatever your position and responsibilities related to the profession of pharmacy, these practical strategies and attention-getting techniques will help you get the results you want.

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Polishing Your Presentation Skills
A critical skill for success is the ability to present ideas and information concisely, clearly, persuasively and confidently. Techniques to control nervousness, enhance delivery, and handle tough situations (questions, interruptions, hostility) can be applied to presentations for patients, healthcare providers or association meetings.

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