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"The session How To Respond When a Medication Error Occurs was on target - a practical, interactive course. APhA leadership has requested this as an encore presentation for APhA 2002. Comments from participants included '... made excellent use of exercises and didactic information. Congratulations!' 'Extremely valuable in any practice setting.' 'Enriching, enlightening and fun!'"

Christine Hemler Smith, PharmD,
Associate Director of Professional Education
American Pharmaceutical Association

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  How to Respond When a Medication Error Occurs
The pharmacist's goal is to provide optimal care for the patient, however errors may still arise. Specific strategies are needed to help respond more effectively and minimize the negative impact, whether investigating a possible prescription error or responding to an identified error.

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ABOVE and BEYOND Dispensing: How to explain the value of the services and request payment
Pharmacists are learning and applying new cognitive skills, and many are still struggling with asking for payment from the patient. This program gets right down to the actual words to say.

At times, it has been difficult for organizers to fit the full 2 to 3-hour workshop into their agenda. To accommodate that, the program can be divided into two separate segments:

a) From FREE to FEE: Moving toward payment for cognitive services
This is suitable for pharmacists who need specific skills and motivation to accelerate toward payment, however do not yet have a service ready to implement.

b) Pharmacy Care Services: How to request payment from cash-paying patients
A one-hour workshop to demonstrate and practice asking for payment, it can follow (a) or stand on its own. Suitable only for pharmacists who are providing a cognitive service and wish to improve skills to receive payment.

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Meeting the Challenge of Change
Ideal for the many changes facing the profession, this program focuses on how to turn negative responses and resistance to change into a positive approach and forward movement.

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Marketing Yourself and Your Profession
What, why and how to market? This workshop identifies new options to show how individual pharmacists in one pharmacy can influence the success of their pharmacy and their profession.

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